TTK Group

TTK PLC (Private Limited Company) is conceived, established, owned and managed by indigenous Ethiopian business professionals aiming at manufacturing all grade bar soap, Beauty soap and detergents etc.

TTK also has been engage in several business such as

  1. Starting from 30th February 2018 Shortening and Margarian Factory will be one of the most modern and special kind of factory which produces various Margarian for local users and the plan is to export its products worldwide.
  2. Plastic factory (Sodium Silicate) Factory it produces various plastics which are the container of liquid soap for its factory.
  3. Coffee Exporter: - The Company export Ethiopian coffee worldwide Starting from 30th February 2018.


Home Elements

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Current onprogress project is located Kazanches area and future plan has three sites in main city Addis Ababa.construction 17 story apartment almost 70% has finished in Addis Ababa,


Delta Express Cargo LLC

Delta established in Dubai working with Ethiopian Air Lines. Offers transportation and storage services. It deliver goods from Dubai to Addis Ababa Sister Company established in Dubai working with Ethiopian Air Lines transfer


Denakil Industry PLC

Is stablished at Afar region Berhale worda engaged in salt processing and iodization.

Afar: Region Afar, Zone 2 (Abballa), W.Berhalle, K.Adae

Addis Ababa: Tel. +251 554 0349
Fax. +251 554 63 83
Mob. +251 911 221921