Our Production Capacity

The factory is located in Gelan town, Oromia Regional state. The total compound is 15000 m2 and the total built up area accounts 3500 m2. Its capacity is 8 tons of High to medium grade Laundry and toilet soap, 5000 liters of detergents per hour.

Currently there are More than 60 soap processing plants operates at different levels in Ethiopia most produce low grade on contract manufacturing. From the above 60 factories only 5 are full scale, the remaining are importing soap products from China, Sudan and Kenya. There is also huge demand for quality Laundry and Toilet soap. Detergents, Dish and hand wash are untapped market in Ethiopia.

the basic assumption is based on the fact that the product shall satisfy the anticipated needs and wants by offering fit to use product to customers. Here, purchasing power of the general public is carefully taken in to consideration together with the pricing policy and cleaning performance while formulating the products.

The company has stated production of more than 15 types of Laundry soaps beyond the plan and had received positive feedbacks form end-users. Amongst some are becoming company brand and outshines other competitors.

TTK distributes its products via different distribution channels: but TTK focus in the wholesale. These shall increase the business share of the most important wholesaler and make the product affordable to our customer. The new and refurbished stores allow us to better tell our product stories. TTK will continue to open new stores in strategic growth cities and focus on driving traffic into and improving the sales productivity of its existing owned and operated stores.