Body Wash and Beauty Bars

  • Sky beauty-100gm, Bloom beauty-25, 70, 80, and 90gm.
    Purpose: For hand, face and body wash.
    • Have different attractive colors.
    • Very rich with the main natural cleaning matter and fruity extracts.
    • Extra moisturizer.
    • For soft and smooth skin.
    • Become fresh after wash.

Sky premium laundry soap – 200/250gm

  • Purpose: Mainly for hand wash of cloth.
    • Greatly rich with the cleaning matter.
    • Foamy and easily rinse able.
    • Do have pleasant smell.
    • Preferable for easy wash.
    • Smooth on hands.

Fabric Softner

  • For soft fabric after wash.
    • Highly concentrated.
    • More cloth could be soften with few drops.

Dish Wash

  • Purpose: Mainly for washing dish and kitchenware.
    • Contain effective cleaning matter.
    • Can wash more kitchenware with few drops.
    • Sweaty fruity fragrance and attractive color.

Pumpkin – 210/250gm

  • Purpose: Mainly for hand wash of cloth and also applicable to face and body wash because of its high quality.
    • High domination of the cleaning matter.
    • Foamy and easily rinseable.
    • Shinny external appearance.
    • Preferable for easy wash.
    • Have pleasant and long lasting smell.
    • Smooth hands after wash.
    • Applicable to all types of cloth.

Liquid Detergents

  • Purpose: For machine hand wash and regular washes.
    • Highly rich with the main cleaning matter.
    • Foamy.
    • Rinseable and preferable for easy wash.
    • Cleanout grease and soil effectively (hard wash).
    • Few drops wash more cloth.
    • Have pleasant smell and attractive color.

Detergent Powder

  • Purpose: For all hard and smooth washing. Applicable for cloth, floor, walls and other washing.
    • High cleaning matter content.
    • No chance for dirt to stay on cloth after wash.
    • Have pleasant smell.
    • Foamy, rinseable and easy wash.

Hand Wash

  • For hand washing.
    • Rich in with the relevant cleaning matter.
    • Skin becomes smooth after wash.
    • No irritation to the skin.
    • Have pleasant smell.

Window Cleaner

  • Purpose: For window and glassy surface cleaning.
    • Have the relevant main cleaning matter..
    • Get clean and shinny glass.

Sky Antiseptic Disinfectant

  • Purpose: For killing germs and bacteria in the toilet.
    • A modern non-staining germicidal liquid.
    • Give protection to the family against germs.
    • Have the relevant antibacterial matter.

Shampoo & Conditioner – 500ml

  • Purpose: For hair wash.
    • Rich with the main cleaning matter and natural extracts
    • Very viscous.
    • Highly foamy.
    • The moisture renewal pro-v formula developed by exports visibly replenishes softness and hydration from root to top for dry and smooth hair
    • Antidandruff.
    • Smooth hands after wash.
    • Hair becomes more shinny, supple and attractive.